VSRC Web Site Sponsorship

All postings on this site are by the VSRC web developer.

Currently the VSRC pays for its domain (vsrc.org) and web server hosting costs (Rev.Net) annually from the VSRC budget.

There are several advertising and education program sponsorship opportunities on our advertisement page that add to the annual VSRC budget which pays for the annual web site costs.

Respiratory Care Employment Ads are paid advertisements buy a third party looking to employee RCP's. These companies may not be part of a VSRC affiliation. They are paying for an employment ad.

Education Program Sponsors are companies that offer unrestricted educational grants / funds to support annual VSRC continuing education programs. Sponsors fees vary with the level of participation and are described within the specific program's vendor material information packets.

General Advertising Opportunities are companies that pay a fee to sell their wares from a link to their company from a VSRC page. The VSRC "board" will review the appropriateness of the product as it applies to the practice of Respiratory Care. Example - none currently available.

Web Site Sponsorship is available for interested companies looking to underwrite the costs of the VSRC web site. Currently, there is one sponsor recognized on our home page.

Annually, the VSRC is reviewed by an internal audit process, bi-annually the VSRC has an external audit performed per the bylaws of the VSRC.

Other pages that may offer you more information on the sponsorship and legal handling of information and materials are: Disclaimer & Privacy.

Date last reviewed: 1/13