Hanns Billmayer: Recipient of the 2016 James P. Baker Award

It is an honor and a privilege to announce

Hanns Billmayer as the 2016 recipient of the James P. Baker Award.


This award is given to a respiratory therapist that the Executive Board has identified as an outstanding contributor to the Society. A few things about Hanns: He is not native to VA. In 2001, just 3 days after moving to Virginia, he found himself at his first VSRC meeting. In 2002, he helped to organize a meeting in the Central District that has continued to thrive over the last 14 years to become what we call today, the Capital City Symposium.

Hanns has served in numerous roles in the VSRC, from multiple terms as Central District Director, to President, to his current role as Parliamentarian. He is a dedicated therapist, but his most precious role is that of a husband and father. We thank you for your dedication to making a positive impact to our profession and to the members of the Virginia Society for Respiratory Care.