2017 CF walkathon registration & Virginia locations

Greetings to All….

I wanted to take a moment to put a reminder out to everyone across the state about upcoming Cystic Fibrosis walks and ongoing research.   Recently our Tidewater District has been working on getting a team together for an upcoming Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Great Strides walk in Virginia Beach.  That prompted me to do a quick memo to encourage participation from all of our districts with this worthy event.

As Respiratory Therapists many of us have actively worked with cystic fibrosis patients.  Some of our facilities within the state have units dedicated to the treatment of children and adults living with CF.  As a profession overall we will continue to be engaged with these patients as we continue to assist with the fight to find a cure for CF.

I have listed as many of the upcoming CF walks as I could immediately find for reference.  The students at the Tidewater Community College have a team walking in the April 22, 2017 event in Virginia Beach.  I congratulate them on their eagerness to participate.

Weblinks to site details:

Alexandria 2017                                                 05/06/2017                                                    Alexandria

Centreville 2017                                                  05/07/2017                                                   Centreville

Charlottesville 2017                                           05/06/2017                                                   Charlottesville

Ferdericksburg  2017                                         04/22/2017                                                   Federicksburg

Harrisonburg 2017                                            04/29/2017                                                   Harrisonburg

Leesburg 2017                                                     05/21/2017                                                     Leesburg

Lexington 2017                                                   04/22/2017                                                   Lexington

Lynchburg 2017                                                  04/29/2017                                                   Lynchburg

Manassas 2017                                                    09/23/2017                                                    Manassas

Peninsula 2017                                                    05/13/2017                                                    Peninsula

Reston 2017                                                         05/21/2017                                                    Reston

Richmond 2017                                                  05/20/2017                                                    Glen Allen

Roanoke 2017                                                     05/06/2017                                                    Roanoke

South Hampton Roads 2017                           04/22/2017                                           Virginia Beach

Winchester 2017                                                05/21/2017                                                    Winchester


Thank you for your continued dedication and care provided as Respiratory Therapists in Virginia.
Eric Kirkland, BS, RRT, MBA
President – VSRC 2017