A note from your 2019 VSRC president


My name is Bessie Brooks. I am your 2019 VSRC President. I want to thank everyone for your support. I want to take the time to explain the advantages of being an AARC Active Member. First, its shows strong support for our profession. Many people ask, “What does the AARC do for me?” Well, I am going to try to answer that for you.

If you are an AARC member, you have a number of benefits such as online CRCE transcript, travel discounts, Dansko footware discount, and student loan refinancing to name a few. There are two national conferences each year: Summer Forum and AARC Congress. Check out the website www.aarc.org to find further information. We have a community page through the AARC Connect: Virginia Society. Here, we post all of the upcoming meetings and events throughout the year.

As an AARC member you are automatically a member of the VSRC. I am going to include the benefits of the state society events. There are four state wide conferences offered at a discounted price.
· Capital City, in Richmond
· Symposium by the Sea, in Virginia Beach
· Neonatal Pediatric Conference, in Fredericksburg
· Mountain Air Symposium, in the Western District, TBD

There are five districts (Blue Ridge, Central, Northern, Tidewater, Western) to stay in touch for listings of district educational and social events to attend which are free to members or $10/CRCE for nonmembers. You are always welcome to attend a Board of Directors Meeting to see what is happening in the state society. We are always looking for volunteers to help serve in any capacity. We are always open to any ideas or suggestions you may have.

For more information, check out all of our social media pages listed below.
· Facebook: Virginia Society for Respiratory Care (@VirginiaSocietyRC)
· Twitter: @VaRespSociety
· Instagram: Va_Society_Resp_Care
· Website: VSRC: www.vsrc.org


Bessie M Brooks
Bessie M. Brooks, DHA(c), MHA, BSRC, RRT-ACCS
Email: b.brooks233@gmail.com