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Symposium Sponsorship Program

What is It?

The Virginia Society for Respiratory Care announces a new symposium sponsorship program. This program offers our corporate partners the opportunity to purchase a booth at each of our 2018 VRSC symposiums at a 10% discount to the individual events’ cost.

How Much Do I Save?

Compare our conference regular rates and this symposium sponsorship bundle.

SymposiumBooth Rate
Savings$195 ($255)
Central City$300
Symposium by the Sea$900 (premium $1500)
Neonatal / Pediatric$300
Mountain Air$450
Total$1950 ($2550)
Sponsor bundle$1755 ($2295)

What Else Do I Get?

A sponsor is eligible to register and secure booth space one week prior to our general symposium announcement. Sponsorship includes two vendor badges and recognition from the podium and in conference handouts.

Because of various venue costs, optional items (additional vendor badges, electricity, meal sponsorships) are purchased at each individual conference standard costs.

When Does This Offer End?

May 4, 2018! Take advantage today.

Complete the application.