Strategic Objectives

The VSRC aligns with the AARC in our strategic objectives as well


Education and Research

Objective  Advance respiratory care knowledge and support research and scientific inquiry to ensure competent patient care and foster patient safety initiatives.


The society will promote the continuing development of the respiratory care workforce by promoting formal educational programs, continuing education, and research to ensure competent, safe, effective patient care, and to provide for the transfer of knowledge to clinical practice.


1.    Support existing and future articulation agreements between associate and baccalaureate respiratory therapy programs or other health science programs.

2.    Encourage respiratory therapists to pursue advanced degrees, credentialing and continuing education.

3.    Establish timelines for society supported educational programs.

4.    Support the discussion of research in continuing education events.


Membership Development

Objective  Assure the society has the resources to meet the mission of the organization.


Assure that the society has the financial, volunteers, and contracted resources needed to accomplish and implement the strategic plan.


1.    Increase the membership of the society through support of the district activities and promotion of student memberships.

2.    Serve as good stewards of the organization’s financial resources.

3.    Increase the involvement of members and the activities of the society.

4.    Provide mechanisms to assure a continuous supply of interested, qualified leaders.

5.    Educate Respiratory Therapists about the benefits of membership.

6.    Recognize members at society supported educational programs.


Infrastructure Development

Objective  Assure the society utilizes generally accepted business practices.


Have established business practices to support the initiatives of the society.


1.    Identify critical business documents and establish guidelines for storage, retention, and disposal.

2.    Develop a society handbook that includes job descriptions, reporting tools, forms, etc.

3.    Establish accounting practices for effective documentation and reporting of society financials.

4.    Establish a scorecard to report strategic goal progress.

5.    Assure society sponsored activities are conducted in a manner to reduce liability and risk.



Objective  Advocate for access of patients and families to the knowledge, skills and services of respiratory therapists.


Advocate to implement lung health through legislation, promotion of public awareness, and partnering with interested stakeholders.


1.    Inform and educate the public on our profession and our role as a patient respiratory therapy expert.

2.    Monitor and support/oppose legislation that impacts the profession and the safe appropriate delivery of patient care.

3.    Partner in public education efforts to advise the public on lung health and cardiorespiratory disease.

4.    Partner with educational programs and organizations to recruit students to the profession.