Political Advocacy Contact Team (PACT)

Become an AARC Political Advocacy Contact Team Member!

Communicating with Legislators

AARC’s PACT members wilt take an active rote on issues affecting the profession of respiratory care including: Prospective Payment in Skilled Nursing Facilities, Outpatient Care, and Home Health Care; home medical equipment issues; Medicare reform; Medicaid; tobacco and other federal and state issues.

You will be asked to call, write, fax, email and personally contact members of Congress as necessary throughout the session.

Keeping Informed of the Issues

As a PACT member, you will be kept up-to-date on important issues through AARC communication channels and the PACT coordinators in your state. You wilt be contacted first when a call to action is needed on critical government issues.

Becoming a PACT member

The AARC Political Advocacy Contact Team will be the third leg of the “three-legged stool” for effective public policy advocacy. The first leg is the AARC and its government affairs division; the second leg is the leadership in your affiliate that coordinates the PACT and maintains critical information and lobbying tools.

When combined in a coordinated, Long-term commitment to political advocacy, these three legs will provide a firm political foundation for the respiratory care community.


For more information or to get involved reach out to our legislative chairs

Legislative, Chair 1/2024 Sherleen Bose sherleen.bose@gmail.com
Legislative, Co-chair 1/2024 Alyssa Edwards adedwards4@liberty.edu