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Please send all supporting documents,(eg. PPT presentations, etc.) with the scholarship application to VSRC Education chair Doug Wright at

The Virginia Society for Respiratory Care

Leslee Harris Smith Education Recognition Scholarship

The Virginia Society for Respiratory Care (VSRC) may financially award respiratory therapy students and/or professional respiratory therapists to support education endeavors. This financial award will allow the opportunity for students and/or professionals to supplement current tuition or pay for National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC) exam fees. 

Applications will not be considered unless completely filled out, signed, and accompanied by all supporting documents.  Previous scholarship recipients are not eligible to reapply.  Applications will be accepted at any time; however, the deadline for accepting applications for this award is July 1st of each calendar year.  Students must complete the application form for the current year. Award recipients will be selected by July 30th and will be notified by the VSRC Education Chairperson.  Award recipients will receive (a) scholarship monies, (b) an award certificate, (c) complimentary registration at a VSRC educational conference, and (d) recognition at the VSRC Mountain Air Symposium Awards Ceremony.

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