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Medicare Telehealth Parity Act

     Members of the AARC/VSRC, The American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) and Virginia Society for Respiratory Care (VSRC) are seeking your support for the Medicare Telehealth Parity Act. This Act has been developed to allow allied health professionals, including respiratory therapists, to provide care for patients with a number of illnesses, specifically COPD, […]

RT Support Needed for HB 1348

RT support needed for HB 1348 (Pillion-R): Protecting Children from Secondhand Smoke in Cars Sample Letter (Cut and Paste) Dear Delegate ________________: (To Find out Who is your Delegate: http://whosmy.virginiageneralassembly.gov)  I am writing you today to ask you to support HB 1348 (Pillion-R): Protecting Children from Secondhand Smoke in Cars, which will be voted […]

Polysomnography license in Virginia now mandatory

Any person practicing polysomnographic technology in Virginia must now be licensed.  Those currently practicing will be given a grace period for licensure which may be up to 12 months.  The length of the grace period will be determined at the full Board of Medicine’s meeting February 19, 2015. Regulations: http://www.dhp.virginia.gov/medicine/medicine_laws_regs.htm   http://www.dhp.virginia.gov/medicine/medicine_forms.htm