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Paid Advertisements with the Virginia Society for Respiratory Care

We value your trust!
The cornerstone of our relationship with you is built on trust. When you consider viewing our site we want you to know that paid advertisements DO NOT influence what we post at and that we will plainly identify paid advertisements and unrestricted educational grants as such.

We want you to feel confident that the information you view is identified as a paid advertisement or contractual agreement and does not necessarily reflect the same opinions as the VSRC. The first step in helping you to achieve that level of comfort and confidence is by explaining (in plain English) exactly what types of advertisements we have available throughout our site. It is our sincere hope that by being forthright in this communication that the relationship we establish is a long-lasting one.

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General Advertising Information:

1. All postings on this site are by the VSRC web developer.

2. Currently the VSRC pays for its domain ( and web server hosting costs (Rev.Net) annually from the VSRC budget.

3. Funds from paid advertisements (such as employment opportunities or unrestricted educational grants) are placed in the general fund for the VSRC and are utilized in annual business expenses.

4. Annually, the VSRC is reviewed by an internal audit process, bi-annually the VSRC has an external audit performed per the bylaws of the VSRC.

5. Information advertised on this site is reviewed but not hosted by the owners of the site. Employment opportunities are paid by third parties advertising RCP positions in this region. Vendors and sponsors of educational programs payments may include links and logo’s. Patient practice and clinical research posted on these sites are not performed by the VSRC but posted as a resource for you to review and make a determination on. If the VSRC has a clearly stated point of view on an issue – it will be clearly posted as such.


Please note: Payment must be completed and notification from the treasurer to the web administrator before posting will occur. Credit card is preferred, checks will delay posting dates.


Choose a VSRC advertisement opportunity that meets your needs:


Respiratory Care Employment Opportunities: Companies that wish to advertise employment opportunities may post an ad describing their facility and employment needs.
Rate: $125.00 for a 90 day posting. Fee is non-refundable.
Terms: Advertiser will provide text (copy) for the advertisement. A company logo may also be added. Logo sizes may vary. JPG or GIF format only. The VSRC reserves the privilege to size the logo according to web designer needs. Copy may be changed at the time of review during good faith posting. Advertisement includes a hyperlink to the advertiser’s URL and a contact information email hyperlink. The advertisement can be withdrawn at the advertiser’s request.

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Education Program Sponsorships: Companies that assist in promoting and sponsoring annual VSRC education programs will receive recognition in various ways. For details, contact program chairs.
Rates: Please contact a program chair or web developer for available programs, current rates and levels of sponsorship. The fee is non-refundable.

Web Site Sponsorship: This newly developed sponsorship will offer recognition as the VSRC’s “Web Site Sponsor” on the home page. There may be more than one site sponsor. The sponsor’s logo and hyperlink will be located within the home page.
Rate: $1750.00 for a one year period per sponsor. Included is one employment posting during the sponsorship year. Fee is non-refundable.
Terms: Sponsor will provide the logo for posting in gif or jpg format. The VSRC reserves the privilege to size the logo according to web designer needs. The logo will hyperlink to the sponsor’s URL. Sponsor may ask that their logo be removed at any time.

To place your employment advertisement, sponsor an educational program, the website or obtain more information, complete the Advertisement Request Form